Thursday, October 30, 2008

E-Commerce and its Strategies

E-commerce is a buzzword since the last five to six years, the question arise what exactly E-Commerce is? E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is a very general term to describe any type of business or business transaction which involves any type of information transfer through the Internet.

This generalized description of E-Commerce covers all the different types of business on the Internet. Whether it is the business of selling any thing or business that exchange trading goods or the service between the corporations, all fall into the category of E-Commerce.

Electronic Commerce has rapidly expanded in the past and it is continuously expanding. It looks very obvious that in future the boundaries between conventional and electronic commerce will diminish because more and more business move completely or some of its part onto the Internet.

E-business has emerged as a force and a way by which companies exchange information with their suppliers and customers. E-Business and E-Commerce both are often used as a synonym for each other, but actually these two terms are different. E-Business defines the business models, processes and relationships. This is the range of opportunities presented to a business through use of digital networks.

E-Commerce is the subset of E-business and refers to the use of Internet between business and consumers. E-Commerce is a new marketing and sales channel to enhance the existing business model.

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Anonymous said...

The most important feature accountable for the success of ecommerce is electronic commerce that allows people to buy or sell anything they want at anytime of the day or night.

sathya said...

Nice blog.It help to improve my Ecommerce site.I had confusion which strategy to use .Now i cleared .Thank u.
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